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  • 2014

Impossible Machines

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atmosphere of thought

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  • January
  • 2012

Computer Augmented Crafts

Last year I programmed a small application for Christian Fiebig. The project and design was his Master Thesis. The machine helps the product designer to find shapes in 3-dimensional space.
The software is based on VVVV and Fiducial Marker Tracking. All programmed for a working prototype to communicate his concept.

We shouldn’t be afraid of using technology to enhance traditional handiwork. Thus, to bring craftsmanship into the modern age, I designed a computer interface that actually makes suggestions to the designer while he’s working.

(Christian Fiebig)

The project is promoted on Creative Applications:
Creative Applications - Computer Augmented Crafts

the product

the software

Respect for the Concept, Product- and Interaction Design to Christian.
Here the link to the more detailled description on his website:

  • 6th
  • November
  • 2011

HfG@Cocoon Club Documentation Video

So now it’s finally done. The documentationvideo of our project in the Cocoon Club Frankfurt is ready to watch.

Target of the project was to develop new visuals for the 360 degree projection (22 beamer) of the Cocoon Club Frankfurt. The visuals were programmed in VVVV and the patches implemented into the VJ system Vertigo2. So it was possible to modify parameters in realtime while performing.

Project guidance:
Sabrina Hauser & Andreas Brendle

Project partner:
Ivo Schüssler, Eno Henze, Ömer Erol

Roman Grasy, Markus Lorenz Schilling, Jan Barth, Armin Kröner, Patric Sterrantino, Sofia Hnatiuk, Marcel Müller, Antonio Krämer Fernandez, David Abele, Phillipp Hogg, Adrian Abele

Music: Tree Elves - Fortitude (Original Mix)

  • 25th
  • July
  • 2011

HFG@ Cocoon Club Frankfurt (Trailer)

Next project goes to the end. We started with a group of 10 Interaction Design students to make Visuals for one evening in the legendary Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. Now it’s time to show what we have done.

Friday, 29.07.2011
Cocoon Club

  • 7th
  • July
  • 2011


PenCon stands for “pen constructor” and is an alternative way to use a
CAD application. We’ve tried to revive the feeling of drawing while
using CAD software.

Project created by
Jan Barth
Roman Grasy

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  • 8th
  • June
  • 2011


DataBot trys to intensify abstractions of data, through the haptic channel, create new metaphors and make technology feel more human.

Project created by
Jan Barth
Roman Grasy

Data or data-streams are not tangible for us at all. We just see graphical abstractions of ones and zeros, visualized as folders, files or loading bars on our screens.
Also the capacity or the used space on our hard- or flash drives is just visualized digital. We never know for sure, how much memory is used on the data storage, we carry around with us.
We have seen the opportunity to intensify the existing abstraction of real objects, through the haptic channel. This way, we are able to create new metaphors and make technology feel more human.

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  • 20th
  • May
  • 2011

Cocoon Club Visuals (first impressions // Attraktor Wall)

This week I worked on different Cocoon Club Visuals @ HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. We used the Vertigo System from Eno Henze and Ivo Schüssler. Thanks for this great workshop. Will be a great evening @ Cocoon Club Frankfurt. The patch bases on different attraktors manipulation the membran texture of the cocoon club. All content is generated with VVVV.